Thursday, 4 June 2009

Witch's Wardrobe, Spooky Miniatures.

After an awful morning, it was such a treat to receive another lovely gift in the mail.

They really seem to be arriving by pre ordained destiny post. (Bad day--Gift appears as is by Magic)

This ones a miniature Witches Wardrobe, crafted by Julie Ferioli; complete with a starter kit to start to fill the shelves up, of a potions bottle, and a miniature flowerpot containing a skull & poison vial. I love miniatures, always have since I was a child. Thank you so much Julie.
Pop along to her blogsite Mermaiden Creations in the Otherworld.


  1. Perfect timing then, Linda- it's magic! I don't make miniatures, but I love them. I guess I make them now, though! I had been saving that image of Matthew Hopkins, the witches and their familiars (Pywackett among them of course)....and when you came along I knew who it was meant for :D

  2. Yes it was brilliant, I saw the familiars names straight away homed in on Pye, really made me smile. Thank you so much Lindax