Thursday, 24 December 2009

The Hogfather

The Hogfather, and Death, Terry Pratchetts alternative Santas, a cracking film, and of course all those books, love the witches in his books, like Nanny Ogg.

Merry Christmas Everyone, wishing you all a Christmas Full of Magic.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Raven/Crow Hanger

I couldn't believe how much time this little hangers took in painting and sanding, but it was a pleasant change to do some different work.
There are Three, all made of birchwood, and painted in white and black with gold accents.
Songbird, Mistle Thrush and Raven/Crow.
(see Pyewacketts, Etsy)

The Raven/Crow one is pictured here
The picture shows both sides.
Pop over to The Briar Rose Blog, to see the other two hangers.

Saturday, 31 October 2009

Halloween Games

Wink Murder;
was always a favourite, played in a darkened room, sometimes only lit by individual players candles. There are a few variations including one version named 'vampire',
take a look at the rules..

Apple Bobbing;
Apples were such a powerful symbol in ancient times that the paradise of Celtic mythology, Avalon, literally means Apple-land. The apple is linked with both the Celtic festivals that gave rise to Halloween celebrations and the Roman goddess Pomona, who became associated with Halloween later on.
To bob for apples requires only a large tub or bucket filled with water and plenty of apples. During the Victorian era, it was believed that the first to catch an apple in her teeth would be the first to marry, or that after she snagged an apple, the first name spoken in her presence would be that of her future spouse. Sometimes Victorian hosts would insert charms into the apples, each predicting a different fortune. For example, capturing an apple with a coin in it would mean future wealth. A creative host could come up with many different types of fortune telling charms

Carving pumpkins..
Jack-O’-Lanterns may have been named for the story of a sinful man named Jack who managed to trap Satan in a tree and refused to set him free unless he promised to spare Jack from an eternity in hell. Unable to enter heaven or hell, Jack was given a hellfire ember to place inside either a carrot or turnip so that he could find his way around earth’s dark places. Later, pumpkins were used to make these lanterns, as their size made them more suited to carrying a flame

Snuff out the candle..
Bewarned not without an element of risk of catching your trousers or other apparel on fire, so hitch loose clothing out of the way before playing this game, it is totally hilarious though..
Tie a large spoon on a piece of string long enough to reach to lower calf level on each participant, tie the rest around their waist. The spoon is now dangling between their legs from the string entending from the handle. The spoon must be hanging down from the back of the player. The player now has to position themselves over a lighted candle and scoop down over it and snuff out the candle with the dangling spoon face. Failure to snuff it out, in say 2 minutes, will of course result in a one of a selection of appropriate silly forfeits.
Its not as easy as it seems..:)

Tell Ghost Stories or go Ghost Hunting...
Here is one of many of our local ones concerning the manor of Knighton.
Knighton is a hamlet near to Sandown on the Isle of Wight.
It is usually pronounced as Kay-nighton by local people, to avoid confusion with the larger, village of Niton, near Ventnor.
Knighton Gorges
Knighton manor house used to be the grandest manor house on the Isle of Wight. Sir Hugh de Morville fled to the house after killing Thomas Becket of Canterbury. The house was owned by the de Morvilles until 1256 when Ralf de Gorges which is where the name Knighton Gorges comes from.
All that is now left of the house is the two stone gateposts. The house was demolished in 1821 by George Maurice Bisset in order to prevent his daughter inheriting it after she had married a clergyman without Bisset's consent.
Knighton Gorges is a cornerstone of many unearthly tales, as the house has long been said to reappear at times in ghostly form, Lit up in all its former glory once a year on New Years Eve and entertaining a party in full swing, which to the unsuspecting observer seems like a period fancydress. Locals have also reported seeing animal-like gargoyles on top of each gatepost; these figures, if ever they existed, were removed many years ago and all that is left is plain stone.
The area is haunted by various ghosts and is a must stop for ghost hunters. One such tale is that of Sir Tristram Dillington, who is thought to have committed suicide after taking to gambling heavily after tragedy struck with smallpox killing his children and the death of his wife. His valet is said to have concealed the nature of his death by placing his corpse upon his horse, Thunderbolt, and driving it into the lake, ensuring that the property was not forfeited. The story is that the ghost of Sir Tristram rides a ghostly horse each year on the anniversary of his death, which occurred on 7 July 1721
Want another Story,... of Love, Crusades and Time Travel, pop over to this fabulous link IOWRock and read another of our Island's Tales, Its really worth it.
Have fun. Happy Halloween.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

THE WINNER is.......

Amada Lebel at
Its a great Blog do check it out and the older posts before the halloween party too full of treats and surprises.
Amada, If you would like to receive the giveaway,Please contact me within 7 days, (25th October)you can leave your address or email where I can contact you safely through an Etsy Conversation contact at one of my Etsy Shops Pyewacketts or Artwolf. Please let me know which mirror you would like, Linda x
The convo entries were all received,TY, and entered into the main draw, for Karen, Anne, Lisa, and Sarah Jane.
Unclaimed Blog Prizes are redrawn or donated to Charity.

Friday, 16 October 2009

17th October Halloween Party Giveaway

Apologies for posting the evening before and lack of photos( My camera has Gremlins)eek they are a rowdy bunch.
To make up,literally, I've conjured up a little giveaway for you to celebrate, just leave a comment that you would like to enter and Blog or Etsy address or similar where I can contact you, and which purse mirror you would like to win.
There is the sleeping enchanted fairytale bunny, or the Tower Raven, if you are a bloke, and dont fancy the mirror(well you might just need to redress your rocky Horror makeup) I'll send you something else.

I've just sent Puss out to warm up the broomstick with a few circuits of our Tower, because the Nights are getting cold in Olde England for flying besoms now, and as you can see gloves and wooly witch stockings are a must....:)
Happy Halloween.
Linda x

9pm; Well I did try and visit as many parties as I could, I'm now full of witchy spirit and slight squiffy so I can't quite remember where I've been, by I've taken my automatic broom out and my cat can always drive, after which on returning home I must change into Highwayman garb, to ride out and grab a bit of spare cash to take to the ball at Harrington Manor.((everyones invited) I'm expecting to see that scoundrel Jack Sparrow there, and as He always wants to borrow money, I'd better hit the highways early.

So Happy Halloween all, see you at the ball.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Terry Gilliams New Movie,,,Just Released

Pop over to Suzy's Blog, ' Beyond The Pale
To read all the news on Terry's new film 'The Imaginarium of Dr.Parnassus',to be released, starring masters Johnny Depp, Heath Ledger and Colin Farrel, and of course many other sterling actors Christopher Plummer, Jude Law, with a Jam and Jerulseleum Fav actress.
Thank you for the including my blog links and Pyewacketts shoppe.
Go on Take a sneak peek

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Witch's Cat; Art Doll Halloweeen Wand

Heres the latest additions sneak preview, before his debut on Etsy. Beribboned and with 4 brass jingly bells.
Witch's Cat
Now gone to live with one of my cousins in America Kim, and along with Goody witch Raven roosting with her mom Sheila.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Vintage Little Witch Art

I was given the opportunity to view some of an elderly friends postcard collection, along with many local vintage views were some charming Whitney little witches, and Halloween fancy dress, these were beyond cleanups, so I decided to redraw them trying to keep to the original style as much as possible. After going through the Kate Geenaway style redraws, which is much similiar to what I would probably do, I think I managed to 'get it' right. They are bit different, but hopefully not too much. To see The rest go to my other Blog....

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Raven Witch Wands, Who Knew!

Two more Ravens witch wands , or Batons. I found this vintage emphemera reference after I had made all the batons I thought you might like to see, and in the text greeting it says.....
Ride a Jack Pumpkin at Twelve-O-Night,
with a Witch's Wand as a Horse,
The Wicked Creatures Flee at the Sight,
and Die, of sheer Remorse.
Here they are 'Goody Witch Raven', prim in her white head covering and witches hat, and 'Nevermore Raven', feathered, with satin and felt feather collar..
On Etsy soon.

Friday, 4 September 2009

WIP'S Finished; Byzantine Raven,Grotesque Bird.

Well I finially finished the works in Progress you had a sneak preview of a few weeks ago, and here they are. ( UPDATE: They are now all on offer in Etsy shops, Artwolf, and Pyewacketts).

Jesters Batons, are' Snowshow Hare', 'White Spirit Wolf', and 'Digger Dog', more info on them at The Briar Rose Gate Blog.

Here is finally the grotesque bird seen previously, he is now officially a 'Byzantine Raven', a little thief of Time. all the works are OOAK One of A Kind, they come signed with their own name tags.

Friday, 28 August 2009

Domestic Witch Blog Award

A big Thankyou to Gail at
for generously passing on this cool award.
There are so many Blogs I enjoy, it was hard to pick only three, in the end I chose some of my favourites that I knew would not mind being called a Witch !! :)
The rules are simple. If you have been given the Domestic Witch Blog Award, pass it on to 3 other blogs that you enjoy.
*include the award in your blog post
*link them within your post
*mention the person who gave you the award in your post
*let the people know you gave them the award
But I think thats entirely up to you 3 witches, as you have busy lives scudding around on your broomsticks. :)
So I give this award to:


Saturday, 22 August 2009

Raven Pastel, ' I Conjure Thee'

I Conjure Thee '
Summoned through the Mists of Magic, Time and Space pay their obedience and homage to the Spell. The favoured Raven starts to assume his earthly form once again.
Mixed media, and Pastel work, complete size 11 1/2 square, framing to approx 9 1/2 inch square

Now available on Etsy


Thursday, 20 August 2009

Cartoon Raven, New Artwork 'Raven Time'

Here is one of three new mixed media bird cartoons
'Raven Time'
The other two will be posted on The Briar Rose Blog
All three will be up for grabs on Etsy , very soon.

Update These are now listed on Etsy to purchase

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Grotesques Bird, WIP a little more...

A little more work to the Bird, well actually a lot more, took hours; maybe I'm just getting slow..

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Work in Progress....

Here are some pics of a few fun works in progress. The heads will be mounted on sticks like little jesters batons, and the bird is inspired by the Martin Brothers Grosteques pottery Birds, I've always admired, early days though.

Friday, 17 July 2009

Pyewackett Raven Art Doll

The Ado Art Doll Challenge 4 Elements.

So Here is Pyewackett in keeping with the Native American creation theory.
See The Briar Rose Blog for more pics,
I'm hoping to get some brighter ones in daylight tomorrow perhaps, its been pouring with rain today....