Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Vintage Little Witch Art

I was given the opportunity to view some of an elderly friends postcard collection, along with many local vintage views were some charming Whitney little witches, and Halloween fancy dress, these were beyond cleanups, so I decided to redraw them trying to keep to the original style as much as possible. After going through the Kate Geenaway style redraws, which is much similiar to what I would probably do, I think I managed to 'get it' right. They are bit different, but hopefully not too much. To see The rest go to my other Blog....


  1. Love it. Vintage Halloween postcards are the best and your interpretation is wonderful:)

  2. Linda,

    Ur an amazing artist with great talent..Love these ravens.


  3. Popping in to say hello. :-)

    Lovely vintage Halloween postcard!