Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Work in Progress....

Here are some pics of a few fun works in progress. The heads will be mounted on sticks like little jesters batons, and the bird is inspired by the Martin Brothers Grosteques pottery Birds, I've always admired, early days though.


  1. Oh girl are a natural with Art..Love it..

    xoxoxo S

  2. These look great Linda - I can't wait to see them finished! What have you made them out of?

  3. TY Sonia, Hi Danielle, I used EberhardFaber
    Modelling Clay(EfaPlast light) in white. Its ready made up 4.5 x8" 3/4 depth £5.15. I used a piece of polystyrene packer I shaped for the bird which made it go further, Its quite nice to work with as you can add bits on later,fill in holes etc,even when The base has dried, sand it down, and smooth it with water, its incredibly light when finished and dry too.

  4. I will probably paint with acrlics to protect it, but I've just tried the watercolours on it, where its been smooth and pressed hard, it skates a bit on the surface, but if you are patient it takes, on the other piece which wasnt smoothed shiney with water when made, it took very well just like watercolour paper, and the lightly sanded paper behaved well too, just fine..
    The colours were very clean too as its a real brilliant white medium to paint on.

  5. Acrylics, can't spell today either.:)

  6. Popping in to say hello & wish you a lovely weekend.

    Chris :-)