Thursday, 11 August 2011

Perseids meteor shower

Stargazers will have the chance to catch a glimpse of the annual this weekend – but light from a full moon on the night is set to interfere with the celestial spectacle.
We also get a lovely firework display too, an organised out over the water one for Cowes Week, Friday Evening at (9-9.30ish)
The shower can be observed on the night of Friday 12 August and into the early hours of Saturday 13 August.
Ideally, the best time to watch it is during the hours before dawn on Saturday when the full moon is relatively low,when light from the full moon doesn’t obscure the spectacle as much, and the meteor rate peaks, according to NASA.

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  1. I usually love to watch these, unfortunately we are due for thunderstorms this evening :(

    Lovely photo of them.