Sunday, 24 May 2009


I thought you might like to see some vintage Photographs this first is one is of my Grandmother, her Christian names, Irene Violet, May.
I had changed the colour in the picture to use in a scrapbook page. Violets were a favourite flower of hers. I can remember it was particularly hard to find wild violets in the spring woods, I would usually have to cycle a few miles to Brocks Copse to pick some for her.


  1. I adore vintage photographs- what a wonderful name has your grandmother! and such a sweet memory, thank you for sharing.

    oh, and i have just found the absolute perfect image for your Halloween in May PIF prize- I am fairly bouncing up and down with the thrill of the magical coincidence :]

  2. I love the old photos! My beloved Great Aunt's name was Irene also!