Friday, 22 May 2009

Halloween in May, Here too! Don't Miss out....

My Blog Friend Julie idea started from Cara's Blog for a Pay It Forward in the spirit of Halloween, and I jumped right in too.
Here's the deal:
You be one of the first three commentors on this post, you get a Halloweeny gift. Each prize will be different.
But winning is not all, of course you yourself must go forth and Pay in the same way, by offering a similar small bit of early Halloween to three readers on your blog, and linking back to me. Somewhat of a chain for good, with no dire retribution if you don't want to play.
Leave a comment, share a tale or just say Hi.
I'm looking for the first three charmers who are paying attention.
Nota.B. 3rd June. No one has taken up the offer/challenge, so I'll consider this closed, and maybe try later on in the year again.

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