Saturday, 30 May 2009

Giveaway by Johanna Parker Halloween Themed Character & a Big Thank You

Thank you so much Johanna,
I received this wonderful selection of halloween notepads today via my friendly Postman.
They are beautifull produced, such a treat,
Thank you so much Lindax

Great News... Now Pay Attention!
Johanna is having a Giveaway on her Blog an adorable little Halloween Ball Character "Lucky Lumina" .
There are many ways to enter just pop along to Johanna's Blogsite.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Linda!..... So glad my notepads made it safely across the ocean to you!.. That always amazes me :) And how fun for you to receive so many EHAG goodies in the mail this month....I bet the postman is scratching his head!

    Thank you for posting about my Blog Give-Away here as well!.... I appreciate that, and feel free to use an image of my JOL in your post...

    Happy early Halloween to you!
    ~ Johanna